2024 Goldreed
Industrial Design Award

Design for the Future and a Better Life

which Inspired by the Eastern Wisdom

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Goldreed Industrial Design Award

With the support of People's Government of Hebei Province and Xiongan New Area Administrative Committee, Goldreed Industrial Design Award (“GIDA” for short), was established in 2019. It is an international design prize driven by globalization, specialization and market orientation, hosted by Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute (hereinafter referred as the “Organizer”) and undertaken by Goldreed Industrial Design Award Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred as the “Organizing Committee”).

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Manufacturing Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment
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Transportation Means
Transportation Means
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Home Life
Home Life
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Culture and Creativity
Culture and Creativity
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Sports and Healthcare
Sports and Healthcare
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Public Facilities
Public Facilities
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Digital Technology
Digital Technology
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Communication Design
Communication Design
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Expert database
Hua Hao
Head of Design Center, Yuwell Group
Luo Yufen
Founder of Taiwan Pinyan Life Aesthetics Co.
Bai Zhonghang
Dean of the School of Architecture and Art Design Hebei University of Technology
Zhang Weihua
Director of Industry Department, Jiangxi Industrial Design Center
Zhou Lin
Founder of Beijing Top Design
Wang Rui
Vice Dean of the School of Art, Hebei University of Science and Technology
Xiang Zhongxia
Secretary General of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Zone Innovation Design Industry Alliance
Zhao Zongqiang
Manager of Word Magic Camp (Chinese cultural creative camp)
Ren Guoguang
Design Director and Center General Manager, Shenyang Innovation Design & Research Institute Co.
Niu Xu
Head of the National Industrial Design Center at Sugon (Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd.)
Zheng Junyan
Co-founder of Shenzhen Nuoxinda Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Zheng Zhongyang
Founder of Shanghai Puxiang Culture Communication Co., LTD
Lu Jianzhou
Vice Dean of School of arts and design,Zhengzhou University of Light Industry
Zhang Ting
Director of School of Design and Art,Henan University of Technology
Zhang Xiaogang
Vice Dean of School of Art and Design, Guangdong University of Technology
Li Xu
Vice dean of the School of Design,Southern University of Science and Technology.
Kang Xiuji
Dean of the School of Art and Design, Communication University of Zhejiang
Wang Yunlong
Vice Dean of School of Design, Jianghan University
Lin Feng
Professor of the School of Fashion and Art Design, Donghua University
Xi Xiaochao
Associate professor, master tutor of School of Digital Media and Design Art,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
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