Entry collection time and fee

1 When will the registration for the second Goldreed Industrial Design Award begin?

The registration system on the official website of the Second Goldreed Industrial Design Award will be open to the public from March 1, 2021.

2 When is the registration deadline for the second Goldreed Industrial Design Award?

The registration for the Goldreed Industrial Design Award this year starts from March 1, 2021 and ends at 24:00, June 30, 2021 (Beijing time). Registrations at other times will not be accepted. Any changes will be notified separately.

3 Is there any entry fee?

The second Goldreed Industrial Design Award does not charge any registration fees, but other expenses caused by logistics, insurance, customs clearance and travel for the competition shall be covered by entrants themselves.

Entry qualification

4 Who can register the Goldreed Industrial Design Award?

Entry is open to enterprises, institutions, design institutions, colleges, design teams, scientific research institutions and individuals from any country and region in the world.

5 What entries are qualified for the Goldreed Industrial Design Award registration?

Product group: Entries must be products that have been on the market within two years (i.e. after March 1, 2019), or products that can be on the market before this year’s award ceremony. Meanwhile, entries must conform with relevant national industrial policies, technologies, and standards.
Concept group: Entries must be original designs that are not sold or produced on the market, and also be highly innovative in function, structure, form, technology, materials and low carbon.
There is no limit in entry form. Products, software and comprehensive services are allowed to register. Meanwhile, the Goldreed Industrial Design Award Organizing Committee has the right to adjust the entry groups and categories.

6 Can I register for a concept-phase entry?

Yes, entries in the concept group must be original designs that are not sold or produced on the market, and also be highly innovative in function, structure, form, technology, materials and low carbon.

7 What kind of entries can participate in the Goldreed Industrial Design Award?

This year, the entry collection of Goldreed Industrial Design Award has eight major design categories, including industrial equipment, transportation, home life, cultural creativity, sports health, public facilities, information processing and communication design. Please refer to the official website (www.goldreedaward.org) for detailed category descriptions.

8 How to choose the entry category?

Two factors can be referred to: industry and core innovation. If you find it hard to determine the entry category from the industry and type, you may choose the category based on the core innovation. At the same time, the Organizing Committee has the right to make adjustments according to the actual situation.

9 Are the product and concept categories the same?

Yes, they do. Participants shall submit their entries on the two groups based on the same entries categories including Manufacturing Equipment, Transportation Means, Home Life, Culture and Creativity, Sports and Healthcare, Public Facilities, Information Processing, Communication Design.

10 Can the same entry registered for the product group and the concept group of the Goldreed Industry Design Award?

No, an entry cannot be in the product group and the concept group at the same time. Once discovered, the entry will be disqualified immediately.

11 Can only the designer of the work be allowed to register?

Entries must be authorized by the entry right holder. The designer, the design team, the design company or the client entrusting the design shall register for the competition, and the same entry can only be registered by one party.

12 What if the same entry is submitted by multiple parties?

In the case of multiple registrations for the same entry, all involved parties must negotiate and provide a statement confirming the registration party before continuing the participation. Otherwise, the entry will be disqualified.

13 Is there a limit on the number of entries? (Can I submit multiple entries?)

The same party or individual can submit multiple different entries.

14 I have participated in previous Goldreed Industrial Design Award but did not win a prize, can I submit the same entry again?

The entry submitted to participate in previous Goldreed Industrial Design Award cannot be used again.

Entry information

15 Last year, we have applied for an account and password in the registration system, can I still log in with it?

You can still use your 2020 account to register.

16 I have applied for the account password in the registration system, but I have not received the verification code email, what should I do?

Please check your spam emails first. Or send an email to service@xidi.org.cn, providing your registration account number, username and contact way, then the Organizing Committee secretariat staff will deal with it for you.

17 Are the intellectual property rights of entries owned by entrants?

The intellectual property rights of all entries are owned by entrants.

18 If the entry is a series containing many products, should I register together or separately?

If you want to emphasize the overall design of the product, you can register it as one piece; if you want to emphasize the unique appearance design and functional characteristics of each product in this series, you can register separately. While both Chinese and English introduction and design highlights of each product must be provided accurately, with complete entry descriptions.

19 What is the invitation code for? Can one invitation code be used for multiple entries?

There are public registration and partner organization invitation registration for the Goldreed Industrial Design Award entry collection. The invitation code tells entrants’ registration source and can be used for multiple entries.

20 What is the partner organization invitation registration?

In order to attract more outstanding entries, the Organizing Committee will invite industry organizations to recommend excellent works for the competition every year. Such entries and entries registered by the public are both required to participate in the first, second and final evaluation.

21 Will the short-listing rate of the public registration be affected by partner organization invitation?

No, the first evaluation adopts the optimal selection principle, so it will not be affected by partner organization invitation.

22 Does the registration information need English translation? (Can I only fill in Chinese for the entry introduction?)

The international jury of the Goldreed Industrial Design Award is composed of design experts from home and abroad, so foreign jury members will carry out the evaluation in English. Therefore, the English introduction of the entry is very important. Please fill in it correctly and completely.

23 Do I have to upload a video for the entry?

During the registration stage, it is recommended that all entries are submitted with videos for the jury members to better understand the entry.

24 How to solve the failure of uploading pictures or videos of entries?

First, please check whether the file format and size meet the requirements; if they do, please also try to use another browser to upload (Chrome browser is recommended). If you still cannot upload, please email the Organizing Committee (service@xidi.org.cn).

25 For the team information, will the main entrants be the winners listed on the award certificate?

If the entry is awarded, the information on the award certificate will be generated according to the main entrants. The main entrants can total up to 10 people, and the order of filling is the order of the winners on the certificate.
If the list of winners cannot be determined at the registration stage, it is recommended that you fill in a part first. After the information is confirmed, the final modification and improvement can be made during the award information input (specific time will be notified after winning the award).

26 How to modify my information if I found it is incorrect after submission?

Once submitted, the registration information cannot be modified. But the information can be modified and edited before submission. Please fill in accurately and truthfully. In case of false information, the Organizing Committee has the right to invalidate the entry’s registration and the honor, and take back the prize.

27 What is the registration process for the Goldreed Industrial Design Award? How can I confirm that the registration is completed?

(1)Register online to apply for the account, password and activate the account (if you have already applied, please ignore it);
(2)Fill in the account information;
(3)Fill in the entry information and save it;
(4)The deadline for this year's registration is at 24:00, June 30, 2021, Beijing time. When the status of the entry list shows "submitted" , the registration is completed.

About Entry Delivery for the Second Evaluation

28 When and how will the Second Evaluation of GIDA 2020 be hold?

The Second Evaluation will be held on site from August 15 to 16, 2020. 24 jury members will be invited to evaluate the physical objects of 525 selected entries into the Second Evaluation. For every entry, three judges’ opinion will be taken into consideration.

29 When is the Entry Delivery Period of GIDA?

The entries will be received by GIDA staff from July 15 to August 14, 2020 (Beijing time).

30 What should the participants prepare before the entry delivery?

Once you are informed to enter the Second Evaluation of GIDA, you are asked to deliver your entry to the GIDA Committee in China. Here are the things you should prepare before the entry delivery:
1)Download the QR code of your entry from the Entry List-Editing-QR code on the GIDA official website, and print two copies of it.
2)Find the《A Letter to GIDA Participants Concerning about the Entry Delivery Risks》 by clicking the Information-Input Delivery Information to download it. Print two copies of it and signed them.

31 Will a scaled model be accepted once the original product is too big or too expensive to deliver?

Yes, it will. We suggest you to send a scaled model less than 1.8 cubic meters.

32 Is 3D printing model acceptable to GIDA?

We won’t refuse any model of a product. It’s up to you to determine how to display the details or advantages of your entries to the jury.

33 Will the entry lose the chance to join in the Second Evaluation if it arrives after August 14?

Yes. We need the entry arrive at the evaluation site before the Second Evaluation. The Second Evaluation of GIDA will proceed on August 15.

34 Will the entry lose the chance to compete with other entries selected into the Second Evaluation if no physical object is received by GIDA?

Yes, we suppose. The entry will be considered as being willing to “give up” the chance to enter the Second Evaluation if no physical object is delivered to GIDA.

35 Who will pay for the delivery fees and the possible tariff when clearing the products?

Participants should pay for all the related fees caused by entry delivery.

36 What is the “Input Delivery Information”?

In order to manage the delivery situations of all the entries, GIDA Committee would like to ask all the participants to input the delivery information within 24 hours after the entry delivered. The “Input Delivery Information” system will be closed at 24:00 p.m. on August 10, 2020 (Beijing time).

37 How to return the entries after the competition?

GIDA Committee only returns entries two times:
1) Non-awarded entries will be returned after GIDA Good Designs Exhibition;
2) Awarded entries will be returned after GIDA Winner’s Exhibition. Specific delivery period will be announced on GIDA official website and registration system. To ensure the progress of evaluations and exhibitions, entry returning requests will be rejected during non-return time. All costs regarding entries returning including shipment fee, tariffs, insurance, customs, etc, shall be paid by participants.

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