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Launching ceremony


Goldreed Industrial Design Award

(“GIDA” for short)

Based on Xiongan New Area of China, is an international design prize driven by globalization, specialization and market orientation. The prize is created to discover future design, inspire future life and empower future cities by exploring the Chinese concept of “harmony” and exchanging the global experience of good designs featuring intelligence and sustainable development.

Competition system

Competition Requirements

Designers, design teams, design studios, companies, universities and institutes from all countries and creative fields are invited to submit their works.

Entries are open to participants at GIDA official website:

1. Product group: Entries must be products that have been on the market, and the product must be on the market for no more than two years (that is, products listed on or after January 15, 2018), which conform to national industrial policies and relevant technologies and standards.
Concept group: Entries must be original design works that are not sold or produced in the market, with significant innovations in functions, structure, form, technology, materials and low carbon.
2. Each design category can submit product design works and conceptual design works.
3. Only one category can be declared for one entry.
4. Enter re-evaluation entries Product
group: product or model
Concept group: need to provide prototype or model
5. The entrant must be the designer or owner of the entry and have no intellectual property disputes with others. The intellectual property rights of all entries are owned by the applicant.
6. In addition, in order to better display the work to the judges, the participants should explain the design concepts in Chinese and English, and submit pictures.

Entries Categories

  • Transportation Means

    Includes unmanned vehicles, smart buses, high-speed trains, automobiles, aircrafts, tools and facilities for riding instead of walking, service-oriented vehicles in urban areas, water vehicles, etc.
  • Manufacturing Equipment

    Includesmanufacturing equipment, construction equipment, agricultural and forestry equipment, mechanical tools, medical devices, office facilities, transportation equipment, protective equipment, etc.
  • Information Processing

    Includes communication equipment, broadcast and television equipment, audio and video equipment, wearable devices, computers, intelligent terminals, etc.
  • Home Life

    Includes home furniture, home appliances, kitchen and bathroom, home decoration, products for the aged, children products, mother and baby products, toys and musical instruments, etc.
  • Sports and Healthcare

    Includessports and fitness equipment, leisure products, outdoor products, physical testing devices, health monitoring devices, etc.
  • Public facilities

    Includes urban furniture, public lighting, guiding signs, shared facilities, information service facilities, sanitation facilities, safety facilities, transportation facilities, facilities for leisure and entertainment, etc.
  • Culture and Creativity

    Includes products with local culture, stationery, fashion clothing and accessories, packaging and tableware, etc.
  • Communication Design

    Includes the logos, branding, showcase, packaging, animation, print advertising meGIDA,website, Apps, userinterface, publishing, etc.

How to register

Create an account:
1.add your personal information
2.Register in the GIDA portal
3.Submit your designs: add information on the entry
4.Confirm the email sent by GIDA to complete your registration
Judging Criteria:
Entries accepted are designed for the GIDA mission of leading a better lifestyle, improving the ways of manufacturing development and helping humans live harmony with nature and cities.
Three dimensions are considered during the evaluation process:
Manufacture- Industrial production process - Pragmatic, Innovative
Life - New lifestyle - People-centered, Aesthetic
Ecology - Environment friendly - Sustainable

Award Setting

Competition Procedures


Notice: all the entries entering the Second Evaluation will be exhibited on the Good Design Exhibition; the entries winning "Good Design Award", "Future Star Award", "Gold Awards", "Best of the Best" award and nominated ones will be exhibited on the Winners  Exhibition.


  • 01

    Opening Ceremony

  • 02

    Call for Entries

  • 03

    Preliminary Evaluation

  • 04

    Second Evaluation

  • 05

    Final Evaluation

  • 06

    Award Ceremony


Entry Information

1.Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
1.1 All participants must be the owner of the intellectual property or the designer with no dispute over the entry. For entries having not been licensed, participants need to submit an application (records) materials while the registration for the competition. For entries still without any related intellectual property certification after winning an award, GIDA Committee has the right to require written promise to guarantee the originality of those entries. For entries with intellectual property dispute, GIDA Committee has the right to invalidate the registration of entries.
1.2 The Intellectual Property Statement of Goldreed Industrial Design Award Entries should be downloaded from the GIDA official website before the deadline of registration. The pictures of Statement are required to be uploaded with information and signature properly signed.
1.3 If economic or reputational losses are caused by the defective entries, the host and the organizers have the right including but not limited to demanding economic and reputational compensations, litigation costs, attorneys' fees, insurance fees, appraisal fees, etc.
1.3 The intellectual property of all entries is owned by the participants.

2. Publicity and Confidentiality
GIDA Committee has the right to use the registration information for award promotions, including but not limited to shooting, exhibiting, news reporting, publishing of entries. All entries shall be deemed to be non-confidential, except participants applying for a Confidential Evaluation by email within Five working days after registration. GIDA Committee will not bear the loss caused by the use of the entries in publicity.

3. Registration Information
Once the registration information is submitted, modification is not allowed. GIDA Committee shall have the right to refuse any request of modification. The participants shall ensure the correctness and truthfulness of the registration information. GIDA Committee shall have the right to revoke the entry’s award qualification and honor, and recover the prize money. In order to ensure the orderly conduct of the appraisal work, GIDA Committee and the jury shall have the right to adjust the entry category accordingly.

4. Registration Qualification
Only the designer and the owner are eligible for registration, the participant should confirm and coordinate with the relevant units to avoid the duplicate registration. GIDA Committee shall bear no legal responsibility for the problems intrigued by the duplicate registration and have the right to invalidate the award-winning qualification and honor, and to recover bonus if the problems are not coordinated timely. One entry is only allowed to apply for one category.

5. Notifications and Feedback
All GIDA notifications will be released on official website and registration system, and participants shall pay close attention to related channels and respond promptly. Otherwise participants shall assume the liability to any negative consequences of missing information or delayed-reply.

6. Delivery
6.1 According toGIDA Regulations, shortlisted entries for Second Evaluationare required to send the physical product or prototype(model). Candidates must strictly comply with Entry Delivery Instructions for delivering; any overdue delivery will be deemed as retraction.
6.2 All costs regarding transportation, tariffs, insurance, customs, etc. shall be borne by participants.
6.3 At the stage of Inputting Delivery Information, candidates should fill in the delivery information in registration system. GIDA Committee shall only be responsible for the safety, security of the entry according to the delivery information. Please see detailed information about Inputting Delivery Information in the GIDA 2020 Delivery Instructions for Shortlisted Entries. (Announced with Preliminary Evaluation Results Announcement)
6.4 All GIDA evaluations and exhibitions will take place at professional venues and entries will be transported, safeguarded and reviewed in accordance with relevant industry standards. If insurance demanded, participants shall purchase it themselves.
6.5 Participants should install the product to ensure the fully functional performance for jury’s experience. If participants entrust GIDA Committee to install the product, the detailed installation video or instructions must be provided.

7. Return
7.1 GIDA Committee is not supposed to take responsibility of returning entries after the exhibitions. While if needed participants shall provide Returning information according to theNotification of Returning Entries posted on the official website of GIDA. No submission or overdue submission will not be taken after the deadline of submission. All costs regarding entries returning including shipment fee, tariffs, insurance, customs, etc, shall be paid by participants.
7.2 GIDA Committee only returns entries two times:1) Non-awarded entries will be returned after GIDA Good Designs Exhibition; 2) Entries except those donated to the GIDA Committee will be returned after GIDA Winner’s Exhibition.Specific delivery period will be announced on GIDA official website and registration system. To ensure the progress of evaluations and exhibitions, entry returning requests will be rejected during non-return time.
7.3 Participants shall bear all costs regarding transportation, tariffs, etc. For entries to foreign countries, participants should provide the customer A/C No. of the designated courier services company.
7.4 Participants shall bear the “Deferred Management Fee” if applying after returning period according to GIDA 2019 Delivery Instructions for Shortlisted Entries. The returning time shall be specified by the GIDA Committee after receiving “Deferred Management Fee”, and urgent items are not accepted.
7.5 Participants will automatically be deemed as waiving the ownership of the entry without completing return information by August 31, 2020.

8. Donation and Collection
8.1 GIDA Committee only collects the qualified awarded entries and GIDA Collection Certificate will be issued.
8.2 All prized winners shall donate the entries to GIDA Committee. With concerns of further research and development, shipment difficulty of oversized entry, the worth over the prize, participants must submit a written application and related referential materials, then prototype or model shall be delivered after the approvalofGIDA Committee

9. Final Evaluation and Award Ceremony
All prized-winner candidates should be present at Final Evaluation for prize qualification or he/she will be deemed as disqualifying for awards and bonus. Winners will be invited to Award Ceremony and all travel expenses shall be borne by participants.

10. Certificates, Trophies and Bonuses
10.1 GIDA provides electronic certificates for prized entries. All certificates are automatically generated in the registration system for download after Final Evaluation.
10.2 One trophy for each awarded entry will be awarded at GIDA Award Ceremony. Participants who are unable to attend the event will be deemed as giving up the trophy.
10.3 Prize money will be wire transferred after award ceremony in accordance with the national tax provisions and processes in the current year. Prize money will be transferred to the nominated personal account or the company(including the branch company) account. Domestic recipient can be a company or individual, while foreign recipient can only be an individual. If the recipient is not the system registrant, a written authorization is required.

11. Participants shall be deemed to agree above terms once submitting the entry, and GIDA committee reserves the right of final interpretation.


1. GIDA Committee shall not be responsible for the wrong submitted information in publicity, printing and exhibition because of wrong information submission of participants.
2. GIDA Committee shall not be responsible for any disputes on rights and interests between participants, winners or other third parties.
3. GIDA Committee shall not be responsible for non-human intentional damages caused by potential hazards such as fragility, suspensibility, peeling and complicated structure.
4. GIDA Committee shall neither be responsible for safekeeping and packages of all entries, nor for damage and loss of packages.
5. GIDA Committee shall neither be responsible for safekeeping for the entry without the efficient delivery information, nor for any loss or damage during the shipment.
6. GIDA Committee shall not be responsible for: 1) failure of certificate generation due to the late submission; 2) the wrong certificate information due to the incorrect submission.
7. GIDA Committee shall not be responsible for any damage or loss conducting the evaluation, exhibition, move and storage abiding by the Clause 6.4 in “GIDA Instructions for Participants”.
8. GIDA Committee shall not be responsible for any damage caused by installing, disassembling by Clause 6.5 in “GIDA Instructions for Participants”.
9. GIDA Committee shall not be responsible for any damage or loss due to force majeure as natural disaster, war and country policy.
10. Participants shall be deemed to agree above terms once submitting the entry, and GIDA committee reserves the right of final interpretation and jurisdiction.

Revocation of Awards

GIDA committee has the right to revoke the prize, certification and trophy of the award when the entries of participants are found the following problems:
1. Awarded entries with intelligent property dispute;
2. Awarded entries are officially found infringing other works or the intelligent property of other works;
3. Awarded entries are significantly modified without notifying the host, but the GIDA logos and other related information are continually carried out in the market promotion.


Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute
Goldreed Industrial Design Award Committee
Support units:
People's Government of Hebei Province
Xiongan New Area Management Committee
Related Institutes:
Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center (HIDC)
Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA)


Secretariat of the Goldreed Industrial Design Award Committee

Address: No. 29, Lane 3, Yongkang Road, Nanguancun West Street, Rongcheng County, Xiong'an New District
Postcode: 071700
Phone / Fax: + 86-312-5675515
Official Website:

Winners’ Benefits

Bonus of GIDA

The bonus pool for the Goldreed Award totals 4.3 million Yuan.
The bonus for Best of the Best is up to 1 million Yuan.

Trophy and Honor Certificate

Winners (except for “nomination”) will receive a prize, a trophy and a certificate of award. Besides, the award-winning works will be permanently collected by the Goldreed Industrial Design Organizing Committee.

Design Realization

Excellent designers will be invited to participate in a series of activities related to design realization of the year.

Designer exchanges

Winners will be invited to the GIDA award ceremony, the Third Hebei International Industrial Design Week in 2020 and other activities where chances are provides to communicate face-to-face with outstanding designers, experts and professionals from media sector, manufacture and academic sector.


Both virtual and physical Exhibitions of award-winning works are considered to be held.

Media Promotion

Goldreed Award, together with more than 100 mainstream media across the world, has established a media promotion network covering different sectors and channels.